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May. 31 ~ Jun. 4
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Tuna Flavor Egg Rolls
Pork Floss with Laver and Sesame 300g
Vegetarian Seaweed Flakes
Pork Floss 300g
Gorund Fried Salmon Floss
Product Line
Ground Fried Tuna Floss,Ground Fried Tuna Floss(with Laver & Sesame),Ground Fried Marlin Floss,Vegetarian Seaweed Flakes,Pork Floss,Pork Floss(with Laver & Sesame),Ground Fried Salmon Floss,Ground Fried Salmon Floss(with Laver & Sesame),Ground Fried Fish Floss add Ca,Ground Fried Fish Floss add Fiber,Ground Fried Fish Floss add DHA,Tuna Flavor Egg Rolls,Beef Jerkey with Black Pepper,Sergestud Shrimp
K13 mushrooms
Disney mushroom corn soup crackers mushrooms
seaweede secllion crab fish
Product Line
Aji burning seaweed tablets; Aji kelp buds; meticulous ginger brown sugar; hand-burned milk pancakes; fresh milk cans Crisp; leisure moments; leisure time to eat; - Black pepper cake
Product Line
Food, Health Food
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