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Copper Anode
Product Line
Copper alloy wire AB65 made copper alloy cages in Aquaculture is a new way for the future . Copper alloy mesh naturally inhibits biofouling, improves water circulation, and helps maintain higher oxygen levels that prevent parasites and pathogens from growing and infecting fish. Copper alloy mesh allow cages to maintain their shape against strong ocean currents, even those offshore, so it prevent fish crowding and help improve yields. High-strength copper alloy mesh resists shark attacks and reduces escape of farmed fish. Copper alloy meshes do not need to be cleaned to dispose of biofouling that can grow on traditional polymer net. This lowers overall costs associated with maintenance and diver risk. Copper alloy mesh lasts for 5 years or more depending on application conditions, and is fully recyclable. Due to recyclable and no antibiotic, it also created a friendly environment to the fish . On June 20th 2017, AB65+HDPE cage(ψ12m×6m) was installed in Penghu Islands/ Taiwan, to test prove its strength of anti-biofouling and typhoon endurance.
Extra wide Stanchion Predator-Proof Cage
Square Cage
Skid Guard Walkway Deck
Circular Cage
Skid Guard Stanchions
Product Line
fish cage and accessories
Electric Refrigerator
Air deflector Ouick Freezer
Product Line
1.Star Wheel Pipe 2.Cells Intact QuickFreezer 3.Energy-Saving Heat Exchanger
Product Line
Paddle wheel, water pump, root blower, aquaculture equipments and accessories
Chinese mitten crab fry
baby lobster
Chinese perch fry
 Chinese perch fry
Bicolor pacifica fry
Product Line
Assortment of aquatic seedling and fry, such as Japanese eel (Anguilla japonica), Swamp eel(Giant mottled eel), Mandarin fish (Siniperca chuatsi), freshwater grouper, Chinese perch, Myxocyprinus asiaticus, Tiger puffer fish, duffer, chinese mitten crab, Polyodonspathala, and many others upon clients' request.
Product Line
We are a professional aquafeeds manufacturer in Taiwan providing high quality feed under the brand, “Hai Yang”. Our product lines are designed to cater for different aquaculture species with optimum nutrition and particle size, in order to raise healthy fish fry and improve feed efficiency. Our comprehensive feeds series, formulated with necessary nutrition, nature essential oils, and probiotics, help our clients choose appropriate feeds at each stage of aquatic animals for better digestion and immunity. Our product provides good growth rate, F.C.R., survival rate, and minimizes pollution for a friendly environment.
Early Detection of Aquaculture Viruses by IMR
Product Line
Assay Reagent and analyzer for aquatic viruses
Product Line
The integration of the domestic industry production capacity, to help the industry develop seedlings export international market, strengthen the domestic industry and technological exchanges between members fishseed.
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