2017 Taiwan Trade Mission to Central Europe and Balkan
Taiwan Exhibitors
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2 Colors Type Plastic Injection Molding Machine-Hydraulic Model
2 Colors Type Plastic Injection Molding Machine-Toggle Model
PET Preform Specialist Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Vertical Type Plastic Injection Molding Machine
PVC/ CPVC Specialist Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Product Line
Plastic Injection Molding machine, Plastic Injection Mold
HOME Flat Stepper #ST088
HOME Flat Stepper #ST007F
HOME Flat Stepper #ST059
HOME Flat Stepper #ST083
HOME Twin stepper/Flat Stepper #ST070A
Product Line
Fitness & Wellness
7x1.5 SMD Tuning Fork
4.1x1.5 SMD Tuning Fork
3.2x1.5 SMD Tuning Fork
4.9x1.8 SMD Tuning Fork
8x3.8 SMD Tuning Fork
Product Line
Quartz Crystal, Oscillator
water pump
air compressor
drilling machine,BENCH GRINDER,air compressor,Planetary reducer
Product Line
Motor, Bench grinder, Drilling machine, Hand tools, PVC HOSE
Vertical Rotisseire
Small Dehydrator
Smoothie Juicer
Smoothie Juicer
Product Line
Food dehydrator, Chicken rotisserie, Steamer, Yogurt maker, Coffee roaster
Product Line
Slitter machine, Cut to length and accessories
Railway System Fasteners
Automotive Fasteners, Special Screw & Bolt
Collated Screw
Collated Screws
High strength non-preloaded & preloaded structural fasteners
Product Line
Customized mini camera
High Tech Cheating , Exams Solution
 2 in 1 Wide band bug detector and video scanner
4G Transmitter DVR
Encrypted mobile communication
Product Line
Industrial inspection camera, Encrypted communication, RF detector (Non destructive tool industrial videoscope, wireless 4 g wearable Camera )
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