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High-Quality Panty Liners for Women
Industrial Wastewater Treatment
High-Quality Non Woven Fabric Materials
Carnation Sanitary Napkin Ultra Thin - Refreshing Wings
Carnation Wet Wipes 80 Sheets (Rabbit) With Cap
Product Line
Sanitary napkin and panty liner 96190020 Wet Wipes 33079090 Baby Diapers 96190090 Underpads 96190011 Facial puffs 96162000 Mask 63079050 Nonwoven 56039290 Tampon 96190030
Product Line
Skincare product, 3304.99.90.90-1 Hair conditioner Firdo Micro Mineral Spray, Firdo Body&Hand Whitening Cream Firdo Body Firming Cream
Back Sealing Bag Liquid Packing Machine
Back Sealing Bag Powder Packing Machine
Back Sealing Bag Granule Packing Machine
Sides Sealing Bag Granule Packing Machine
Sides Sealing Bag Liquid Packing Machine
Product Line
Agricultural machinery parts 87087010 Packing Machine 84223030.90
Product Line
Network Camera '8525801390103 Network Video Recorder '8521909090103 Switch 8517623290999
Ultrasonic 17L Lab Extraction Equipment
SCCO2 5L Extraction Equipment
Supercritical Fluid Preparative scale CO2 extraction Equipment
Extraction Oven System
Product Line
1)Supercritical fluid extraction equipment HS Code: 84792000002 Supercritical CO2 extraction means CO2 goes to a supercritical phase after pressurization and heating temperature above critical points. CO2 at supercritical phase have solubility powers similar to liquid organic solvents, but with higher diffusivities, higher transfer efficiency, lower viscosities, and lower surface tension.
IR Sensor SR-STE311 / 313
SW30-E1 Series Automatic Swing Door
Electric Drop Bolt LK-B300
Automatic Sliding Door
Wireless Touch Switch WL-T503
Product Line
Automatic door systems 9032.90.00.00-5 Brushless motor complete automatic-door systems, brushless DC motors, power supplies 9032.90.00.00-5 8504.40.94.00-4
SuperGuard GPS Vehicle Security System VT-02
Product Line
8525802910*** ,9015100000101,9305910000999 308/2.75 rockets,fire control system,UAV,Unmanned boat,Target Acquisition System 2.75/308 Rocket
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