2017 Taiwan Trade Mission to Southeast Asia -Medical Equipment and Health Products Group-
May. 4 ~ 12

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enge Vitamin B+Iron
enge Double Strength Probiotics
enge Hydrolyzed Collagen
enge Joint Complete
enge Vitamin B+C
Product Line
nutritional supplements
weight lifting equipment & fitness accessories
Safe Walker with Suspension system, treadmill for senior people
Quantitative Upper Extremity Motor Control Evaluation and Training System
Protector and Massager and Sporting Goods
Go Training
Product Line
Rehabilitation product, Sport product
Self-adhesive Travel Neck Wrap
Elastic Waist Trimmer  Belt with Back Lumbar  Support,Health Care Supplies
Elastic Waist Trimmer Belt with Back Lumbar Support
Button-Free Patient-Short Pants
Button  Free  Patient  gowns
Product Line
Velcro-free, Button-free and zero-tie knot products--patient gowns, surgeon gowns, wrist wrap and Far-Infrared Ray waist belt and knee wrap
Gel Toe Tube
Gel Heel Grips
Gel Heel Cushions
Elderly Hand Movement Pack
Bunion Night Splint
Product Line
Hand & Foot Care,Exercise Care,Gel Foot Cushions,Skin Care
Le Bonhertz Osteo Advacare
Le Bonhertz Beelleza Liquid Royal Jelly
Le Bonhertz PYCNOGENOL® 50mg 30s
Le Bonhertz  Free Lutein 30mg
Le Bonhertz  Mirtogenol® 30s
Product Line
1. Dietary Health Supplement(Nutritional Supplements) 2. Cosmetic
Product Line
1.Anti-aging supplememt 2. Feminine Intimate Smoothing Serum 3. Water-Dissolve Calcium Supplement 4.Anti-age Mask
Ultrasonic Vibration Denture Cleaner
Digital Active Bluetooth Rechargeable Hearing Aid
Intelligent Watching Dog
Industrial Pest Kicker II
Portable Pest Repeller
Product Line
Hearing Aids/Denture cleaner/Environmental protection
Hydrogen Mist & Music Station
Hydrogen Sprayer
Hydrogen Fruit & Vegetable Nutrient Activator
Facial SPA Mask
Hydrogen Foot SPA
Product Line
Hydrogen Health Care Products
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