2017 Taiwan Trade Mission to Southeast Asia -Medical Equipment and Health Products Group-
May. 4 ~ 12

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Safe Walker with Suspension system, treadmill for senior people
Go Training
Protector and Massager and Sporting Goods
weight lifting equipment & fitness accessories
Circuit Training equipment (LI FIT)
Product Line
Rehabilitation product, Sport product
Velcro-free and Adjustable knee Wrap
Velcro-free and Zero-tie Knot Infant Swaddle Blanket
Velcro-free and Adjustable Foot/Ankle Support
Velcro-free Maternity Belt for pregnancy Support
Velcro-free and Button-free Infant Swaddle Blanket
Product Line
Velcro-free, Button-free and zero-tie knot products--patient gowns, surgeon gowns, wrist wrap and Far-Infrared Ray waist belt and knee wrap
Intelligent Watching Dog
Ultrasonic Vibration Denture Cleaner
Portable Pest Repeller
Digital Active Bluetooth Rechargeable Hearing Aid
Industrial Pest Kicker II
Product Line
Hearing Aids/Denture cleaner/Environmental protection
Hydrogen Hair Professional
Portable Hydrogen generator
Portable Hydrogen Drinking Bottle
Hydrogen Sprayer
Hydrogen Sprayer
Product Line
Hydrogen Health Care Products
Healthbody - summer quilt for bed
Ladies short undershirt and short pants
Elbow potector pads and sleeves
Women's shapewear and underpants
Health body - warm winter quilt
Product Line
Functional Socks Series、Functional Breathable Body Protector Series、Functional Bedding Series、Functional Inside Dressing Series
Iridology Scope / Iris Checker
Professional Skin / Hair Analyzer
Easy Skin / Hair Analyzer
MC-380  Microcirculation Video Microscope
Intelligent Skin Diagnosis System
Product Line
Skin Analyzer, Hair Analyzer, Microcirculation Microscope
safety glasses
Breed Essential Oils Aroma Diffuser Crystal Design Non Radiation Non Electromagnetic Wave / White
電子收銀機 Cashier
Breed Essential Oils Aroma Diffuser Crystal Design Non Radiation Non Electromagnetic Wave / Black
Aroma Diffuser for Essential Oils Crystal Design Non Radiation Non Electromagnetic Wave / Blue
Product Line
Aroma diffuser
Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor
Wearable Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor
Wearable Patient Monitor
Multi-Parameter Lifecare Monitor
Wrist Pulse Oximeter
Product Line
Multi-parameter Patient Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, ECG
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