Taiwan Aquaculture Trade Mission to Southern Asia 2018
Apr. 3 ~ 6
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Aquaculture Equipments -1
Aquaculture Equipments -2
Fan Blower, Air Stone & Accessories
 Shield Screen
Testing Equipment and Others
Product Line
Paddle Wheel Aerator
Intelligent Paddle Wheel Aerator Motor
Intelligent Wave Maker Aerator Motor
Product Line
1HP/2HP paddle wheel aerator motor 1HP surge wave aerator motor
Roots Blower
Roots Blower
Goldentech Roots Blower GT-100 pressure up to 8000mmAq Capacity from 20m3/min
Product Line
Roots Blower Diffuser
Product Line
1.Trading of spawners, eggs, fries, fingerlings of fishes and prawns; 2.Trading of live fish, live prawn, chilled fish and chilled prawn; 3.Supply and assistance with purchasing of aquaculture feed, material and equipments; 4.Development of high-density bio-filter system for fish fry; 5.Assistance in developing, or entering a joint venture project in aquaculture; 6.Technical training and know-how transfer; 7.Provide assistance on design and essential help with construction for hatcheries and farms.
Suproprobiotic powder
Functional probiotic strains for gut health
Functional probiotic strains for anti allergy
Product Line
1.Micro-aid feed additive (probiotic feed additive): probiotics can stimulate gut health, increase immunity and reduce infection rates. 2. Megaprobiotide is a probiotic byproduct which can enhance aquculture animal health and increase early-stage survival rates.
IIS SPF Shrimp Broodstock and Fry
Product Line
Shrimp broodstock and fry, feed additives, shrimp disease detection system
Product Line
Our comprehensive feed series, formulated with necessary nutrition, natural essential oils and probiotics help our clients choose appropriate feeds at each stage of aquatic animal breeding for better digestion and immunity. Our product provides good growth rate, F.C.R., survival rate, and minimizes pollution for a friendly environment.
Turn-key life support units 套裝式維生過濾機組
水產繁養殖器材Aquaculture Materials
Rearing Systems for Aquatic Animal Room全塑鋼飼養架
Ultraviolet Sterilizers 紫外線殺菌機
Protein skimmer 蛋白質除沬機
Product Line
Protein skimmer Microscreen (drum) filters Purification filters Ultraviolet sterilizer
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