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Product Line
Sea shrimp cakes, vegetables crisps, dry onion cakes, dry burdock crisps, dry okra cakes, crab cakes, and small volume crisps.
Five Color Elements Instant Cereal
Five Color Elements Mixed Instant Cereal Set
Gift Set – Mixed Cereal Powder
Black Rice & Sesame Powder
Black Sesame Powder
Product Line
Black sesame powder, flax seed powder, mixed grains, black sesame powder mix, powdered supplements for adult, and powdered supplements for children.
Argentina Illex Squid Tentacles
Frozen Pacific Saury
Product Line
Frozen illex and giant squid products, frozen Pacific saury, frozen mackerel, and other popular frozen prepared seafood products.
ODM, OEM, Sacha Inchi oil, Harmony-bio
ODMOEM, Millet Soft capsules,Harmony-bio
Dietary supplement
ODM,OEM,Lutein Soft Capsules,Harmony-bio
ODM, OEM, Camu camu Beverage, Harmony-bio
Product Line
Health and dietary supplements.
Egg Roll with Fried Pork Fiber & Laver
Pineapple Cake & Mung Bean Cake
Jerky & Meat Floss
Product Line
Pineapple cakes, fruit cakes, bamboo shoot beans, Hsin Tsu rice noodles, sliced noodles, Guan Miau noodles, pork fiber, fish fiber, pork jerky, beef jerky, meat paste, canned roasted eel, canned roast pork knuckle, canned roast beef and many other exciting products.
Multi-Grain Soft Flour Cake (Sachima)
Biscuits-Rock Salt Flavor
Brown Sugar Soft Flour Cake
Pepper Crackers/Sesame Pan cake/Seaweed Crackers/Umbrella Cookies/Carrot Biscuit
Potato Chips Mix - Korean Kimchi
Product Line
Pineapple Cake, Fruity Cake, Soft Flour Cake, Soy Cracker, Grain Biscuit Stick
Rollin Soya (Soy Bean Sheet, Soy Wrap, Mamenori)
Seafood Products(Unagi, Tilapia Fillet, Tuna Saku, Flounder Fillet...)
Dry food and Seasoning
Food Serving Cunsumable
Appetizers(Tobiko, Masago, Chuka Wakame, Ika Sansai, Baby Octopus and all kinds of seasoned products)
Product Line
Rollin soya (colorful soy bean sheets).
A Series Of Codfish Jerky
Fish roll
Crispy fish snack
Seaweed sanwich
Crispy Codfish Snack
Product Line
A series of seaweed and vegetarian products, fish rolls, codfish pastry, codfish jerky slices, codfish crunch, and codfish jerky cubes.
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