2019 Mission of Telecommunication, Smart City and IoT Infrastructure to Turkey, Poland and Ukraine

May. 9 ~ 16


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Wi-Fi Outdoor 2.4GHz AP/CPE
IEEE802.11(a)n Wireless Access Controller
Wi-Fi Outdoor 5GHz AP/CPE
Smart Ant. Access Point
Product Line
Wireless integration solution
4G LTE Wi-Fi AP Router
Set-Top Box
Hi-Res Music Streamer
Cost-Effective Wi-Fi Router for Home Networking - WAP-3512
Product Line
Set-Top Box, Video Bridge, PLC, Audio Gateway, Speaker
edge x Light Controller
edge x Smart Street Lighting System
Product Line
Smart street lighting system and smart city solutions
Industrial 10G Ethernet Switch
Industrial Multifunction 4G+WiFi Routers
EN50155 Multifunction 4G+WiFi Routers
EN50155 10G Ethernet Switches
Industrial 10G 19
Product Line
Hardened Ethernet Connections, Center / PoE / Fiber
Slimline SAS SFF-8654 to SFF-8654 Cable
Mini SAS SFF-8643 to SFF-8639 U.2 Cable
40Gb QSFP+ QSFP+ Active Optical cable
40Gb QSFP+ to 4 x 10Gb SFP+ Active Optical cable
10Gb SFP+ to SFP+ Passive DAC cable
Product Line
Mini SAS Cables and Adapters for Servers and Data Center, SFP/QSFP Ethernet Cables
Cat 6 High End Outdoor Router/Indoor IAD
Tern Smart Mesh Wi-Fi System
5G NR Indoor CPE
Product Line
Smart Cities, Small cell
Industrial EN50155 Ethernet Switch - ITP-2204GTM-16PH & ITP-1204GTM-12PH
Industrial 4G LTE Gateway - ICR-W403
Industrial 1G/2.5G Managed PoE Switch - IGS-803SM-8PH24, IGS-402SM-4PH24
Industrial Managed FE Switch - IFS⁺ 803GSM
Industrial 4G LTE Router - ICR-4103
Product Line
Ethernet switch, converter
Signal Detector CT110 (CT110)
DarkCrystal HD Capture CD530
AVerCaster SE510
AVerCaster HD Duet Plus (F239+)
Product Line
Embedded Vision Solutions for NVIDIA Jetson TX1/TX2. Video Capture Card, AI box for smart city/smart retail
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